VA resumes overpayment notifications while continuing relief options for Veterans


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December 30, 2020

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today its nationwide plan to resume mailing notification letters to Veterans, for benefit overpayments placed in suspension from April 3 through Jan. 1, 2021. 

The collection of these overpayments was deferred to provide financial relief to Veterans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“VA recognizes Veterans and beneficiaries may still experience financial distress from COVID-19, and it will continue to offer enhanced relief options for impacted Veterans,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “These include extending repayment plans, waivers, compromises and temporary hardship suspensions. Most importantly, the department will pause collections through October 2021 for Veterans who remain in financial hardship and request relief.”

Veterans and beneficiaries with questions regarding benefit overpayments may submit requests or call 800-827-0648. Call volume is generally lower Tuesday – Friday.

For health care co-payment debts, Veterans should contact the Health Resource Center at 866-400-1238 or for payments.