Speaking Out

VIOLENCE Is Everyone’s Problem

Lady veterans have been speaking out about violence in the community, bringing awareness that everyone must get involved.
I ask where are the parents? I know many of our children are living in single head of household families, but DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE?
In 2009 we are beyond telling our kids they can go out and “you better be back before curfew”. In these times, you must put your feet on the ground and find out where they are going, with who and who these friends are and what kind of parents they have.
(I need to meet their family)
I will drop you off, tell their mother to come to the door….my son/daughter can only be here and then he/she needs to come home. I can pick him/her up or I will let you know when he/she arrives home, what is your number? Come on concerned parents its’ not about trust its’ about rules and boundaries. It works!