The National Women Veterans United (NWVU) Celebrates Nurses Week!

We are proud of our NWVU nurses, and understand fully the challenging, and heartfelt job that they do to save lives while putting themselves and their families at risk. Their healing hands are appreciated for being there when families can not be there. They work many hours in every capacity when they are called to duty.

Our military nurses are special as they also stand on the front lines to care for our service members during peace and wartime.

We Salute Our Current Military Nurses

LTC Dianna Hilson (USAR), LTC LaToya Hayward (USAR) and, Dr. LTC Deborah Dear (USAR)


Our Military Veteran Nurses

Dr. Constance Edwards (COL Ret. USAR), Dr. Sandra Webb-Booker (COL. Ret USAR), Kathryn Robinson-Peoples (LTC Ret.USAR), Judith Bell (MAJ Ret. USAR), Rashima Pierson, Army, and Mellody Frazier (Navy), Cynthia Patterson, Army Veteran, and Beverly Miles, Army.