The Fully Developed Claims (FDC) Program

The Fully Developed Claims (FDC) Program is the fastest way of getting your compensation or pension claim processed. Participation in the FDC Program allows for faster claims processing while preserving great quality of service and your right to appeal a decision.

Disability Benefits Questionaires (DBQ) help support the Fully Developed Claims Program. DBQs are valuable for claims processing because they provide medical information that is directly relevant to determining a disability rating. When submitted with a Fully Developed Claim, DBQs ensure the VA’s ratings specialists have precisely the information they need to start processing the claim.

What Makes the FDC Program a Faster Process?

You know exactly what’s needed

The FDC Program is unique because you will learn exactly what evidence you need to substantiate an eligible claim when you apply, without having to wait for further instructions.

No more waiting for further instructions

You gather all the evidence required

By participating in the FDC Program, you will send the required evidence with your claim and certify that you have nothing further to provide. By doing this, you dramatically reduce the processing time of your claim.

The application time is reduced

The VA has cleared the way

VA has shortened application forms to reduce paperwork and established priority channels to process your FDC claim. This means we are able to process these claims far more quickly than claims going through the traditional process.

We can process your claim quickly

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