The coast guard needs to hire 4,000 members

The coast guard needs to hire 4,000 members.  Please pass to your high school and college graduates. Another good way to earn a retirement and medical benefits after 20 years.

Receive Pay & Benefits as a Coast Guard Reservist

As a reservist in the Coast Guard, you will have access to a benefits package that can help you extend your civilian dollars and work perks. College tuition assistance, medical and dental benefits are just the beginning of the benefits offered to you.

To see a snapshot of Reserve benefits click here Reserve Flyer FINAL 18JUL17_2.


For starters, you will get paid. Coast Guard reservists receive the same pay that other military members receive with the same pay grade and status. For more information, download the most recent military pay scale.


Through the Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve, we will help you pay for college or technical training. Find out more about the Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve.

Medical and Dental Care:

Reservists enjoy low-cost, quality medical and dental coverage through our TRICARE program.

Free Travel:

As a member, you may get the opportunity to travel far and wide as part of your job. Not only will you get to see new places, you will do it on our dime.

Also, you will have access to military space available flights. This is a unique privilege provided to service members, retirees, and their families. Under the space available (Space A) program, eligible passengers can fill unused seats on DoD-owned or controlled aircraft.


You choose your career path based on your aptitude, physical abilities, security clearance, motivation and determination. Unlike other military services, the Coast Guard offers all specialties to both men and women equally.

Ongoing Training:

The two-week annual commitment for reservists is normally devoted to training. However, it is not uncommon for reservists to complete this training by being engaged in actual operational duty, side by side with active-duty crews.

Specialty Training:

Reservists can receive specialized training designed to go beyond the basics for a job specialty.

Life Insurance:

Coast Guard Reserve members can elect to be covered by low-cost life insurance in amounts of up to $400,000.

Other Benefits:

You will have shopping privileges at military bases and access to all kinds of recreational facilities.

And, looking into the future, Coast Guard Reserve members start building a retirement starting with their first drill. After 20 good years, members will have earned retirement benefits. What other part-time opportunity offers this

The preferred method for corresponding is through This forum is secure and is where you can address personal issues/concerns with Coast Guard recruiters and begin the screening & application process.