NWVU welcomes Nyzia Wilson to the Illinois Community Women Veteran’s Center

NWVU welcomed Nyzia Wilson, daughter of 21 year old Army Sergeant Simone Robinson, Purple Heart recipient, who died March 1, 2009 as a result of injuries sustained on January 17 while on an Afghanistan deployment mission in an attack by and improvised explosive device. Nyzia was only 2 years old when Simone was deployed and she will be 12 soon.

Nyzia was welcomed to NWVU with a NWVU Polo and will be mentored by members of NWVU to tell her mother’s story so she is not left out of the Armed Forces and American history. NWVU will create events to help keep her memory alive.

Nyzia selected an office desk and cleaned it off. When asked what she wanted on her desk she said “a picture of me and my Mama and a computer”. NWVU is in the process of making that happen.