NWVU lunch break in Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia March 15, 2014


NWVU took a lunch break after the awesome event they hosted at the Women’s Memorial on Saturday, March 15, 2014! Ruby Tuesday was the greatest! In my time I have seen and felt the outpouring of love and respect for veterans; however nothing comes close to the genuine welcome that we received at Ruby Tuesday. Starting with Ricardo who met us at the door to escort us to our waiting tables! He and staff were so genuine in their appreciation of our service that it will have an everlasting impression on all of our hearts! The food was plentiful and delicious, so if you haven’t been to Ruby Tuesday (my first time) you gotta go to Rosslyn in Arlington, Virginia and eat! We give the manger Dave, thumbs up for Ricardo, Bebe and those that prepared the great meal. We thank all of them for the great service and their hospitality!

Rochelle Crump

“We were lucky and honored to have over 400 years (and counting!) of service under our roof tonight here in Rosslyn! These ladies have served the United States from the Korean War all the way up to our current engagement in Afghanistan! Bebe was the lucky rockstar who had the honor of showing them how we serve those who have served us.”

R Lumpkin