Northside Housing & Supportive Fund

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Northside Housing & Supportive Fund

Andrew Holmes. I am a well known Community Activist, Rapid Responder and a committed member of Total Protection Consultants, Inc servicing  the Chicagoland area. I am pleading for your help with the follwing:

The North Side Housing & Supportive Services shelter that is locted at 941 W. Lawrence Ave currently provides 72 beds for the homeless.

The shelter is scheduled to shutdown on December 23rd because the state has failed to come up with the money needed to keep it open in 2017, due to the ongoing budget impasse.  The money will be utilized to continue to house homeless people. The funds are needed immediately to keep these individuals warm in the bitter cold weather we have been facing and will continue to see.

The shelter is needed desperately and will save lives with your help and assistance.  But we need to act now as the deadline for shutting it down is a little over a week away.  No donation is too small – every bit counts and we ask that you reach into your hearts for these individuals especially during the holidays to provide a warm, safe place.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will be doing everything we can to try and keep this shelter from closing as we know how many lives this will affect. We say prayers for those there now who do not know where they  will be next week and put this in Gods hands as miracles do happen.  Thank you