National Women Veterans United receive service recognition awards

During their September 6 visit to United Relief Foundation’s Eddie Beard Vet House health and wellness project in Chicago, Illinois, the National Women Veterans (NWVU) United presented United Relief President Frank Salato with two service recognition awards.


The service recognition awards were presented by NWVU President-Founder Rochelle Crump, who was joined by the organization’s board members.


In presenting an American Eagle and Flag plaque engraved with “National Women Veterans United (NWVU) Presents to Frank Salato, United Relief Foundation NWVU Community Award Of Excellences For Your Dedication & Support of Military Women Veterans.” Rochelle Crump, an army veteran, conveyed the appreciation of the women veterans served by the United Relief Foundation efforts.


Army veteran Crump added the: Certificate of Appreciation which reads “presented to Frank-Salato-United-Relief-Foundation-receives-service-recognition-awards-from-Rochelle-Crump-NWVUFrank Salato – United Relief foundation for your partnership with the National Women Veterans United, and commitment to honor, and support military veterans and their families.” is her and her organization’s affirmation of being united in the service of those who served.


”Knowing that our goods deeds are making a difference by being the difference for the veterans we serve is all the reward that is needed. However, I am honored to humbly accepted these distinguished awards on behalf of United Relief Foundation’s generous volunteers and donors,” stated Frank Salato.


The National Women Veterans United is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advocate, educate, and bond with all military women veterans, with special emphasis on women who are disabled, homeless, at-risk or returning from deployment. Learn more visit