National Women Veterans United (NWVU) Cancels Campaign 15 Conference for Military Women Veterans

On behalf of the National Women Veterans United (NWVU), thank you for your support. It is with a heavy heart that (NWVU) must cancel the Campaign15 Conference for Military Women Veterans, due to the COVID-19 national and state mandates. Our heavy heart is for those that are personally affected by the virus.

If you purchased an AD, the book will be available to you in the month of April, and they will also be distributed at the rescheduled Conference. The good news is that NWVU celebrates the 15-year history of making a difference, providing service and preserving our legacy in the Armed Forces. The Conference will be rescheduled and hosted in the future when the mandates have been lifted. Our enthusiasm and excitement to provide a day of honor for military women veterans will be at the same height.

Please keep our nation, troops, medical personnel, and first responders and caretakers in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to a brighter future for all.

Very Respectfully,
Rochelle Crump, President/Founder
on behalf of the Board of Directors and Members
National Women Veterans United
SGT Simone A. Robinson (2009, Fallen Soldier)
Military Women Veteran’s Center
8620 South Pulaski (Lower Level)
Chicago, IL 60652
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