Memorial Day Concert looking for Participants

“Each year Capital Concerts produces the Memorial Day Concert on the Mall, a ninety minute live event which is broadcast on PBS to 10 million viewers and performed in front of an audience of 300,000 on the mall.


This year Gary Sinese and Joe Mantegna will return to host the event along with General Colin Powell. There are two main themes: The ending of the war in Afghanistan and the 70 anniversary of the Normandy Invasion / 10th anniversary of the WWII Memorial.


1. We are looking for Veterans, National Guard and Reserve and Wounded Warriors who deployed to Afghanistan war and would be willing to share their stories of combat and transition home. The selected stories will be enacted by Hollywood talent such as Ed Harris, Forest Whitaker, and Blythe Danner. The Veterans themselves and their families will be honored at the concert and afterwards at a reception in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. Interested Veterans should contact Celia Straus, writer of the concert, for an interview.


2. We are looking for World War II Veterans who participated in the Normandy Invasion. Veterans, accompanied by their family members, will be interviewed on videotape and then honored on stage with music by the National Symphony Orchestra and an address by a celebrity. Segments of their interviews will be woven into a short documentary which will be broadcast as part of the concert. Interested Veterans or family members of Veterans should contact Celia Straus.”

202-255-689 – cell