In Memory of the lives sacrificed on September 11, 2001

We will never forget the anguish that beset Americans on that day. We shall never forget the heroism displayed by those on the flight to Philadelphia, they’re thoughts and actions served to preserve our country.

We thank God for the strength he gave us to never give in to terrorism. God Bless America!
The entire World changed forever! Lest we forget the infamous day that robbed us of our military service members, veterans and civilians of all backgrounds and ethnicity. It was a day that changed minds, hearts and a normal day that we all took for granted. As a nation we hurt and we cared about ALL the innocent people who were just having a normal day. We still hurt….

It seemed to bring some communities closer together despite the blame of the perpetrators.

Let us not forget ANY of those people who lost their lives and let’s not forget the families that were left behind who still feel the pain of losing their loved ones. As military patriots we stood and others still stand in defense of this country with a promise by oath and a collective oath of our commitment to Duty, Honor and Country” and along the way “Courage” was added.

Our true patriotism is demonstrated by our understanding of the diversity of people who live in the Country and not necessarily the actions of those who live in this country.

Courage grants us the ability and willingness to stand up for righteousness even when it is not popular to do.

We stay true to our Colors that don’t run and Duty, Honor, Country and Courage, as we remember the nation’s significant loss.