“Homemade” screening on Nov 11th

This is not an endorsement….. discretion is advised …….

We encourage those who struggle with PTSD and other mental illnesses to consult your support systems and health care, professionals before watching the film.

A special upcoming event at Facets Cinematheque that you may be of interest to the Veteran community in Chicago. “Homemade” is going to be screened on Nov 11th. There will also be a panel discussion after the show featuring Adam Sorensen, the subject of the film, director Jason Maris and Nick Etten, former Navy Seal, Government advisor for Acreage Holdings, and founder Cannabis for vets.

Veteran Reconnaissance Marine Adam Sorenson and his wife Victoria could be America’s sweethearts. But after returning from combat, Adam finds himself struggling with PTSD, increasing his prescriptions, and battling suicidal thoughts. Victoria tries to support her ever more detached husband while treating her own chronic pain in a cycle that will feel all too familiar to many Americans.

Jason Maris and Danielle Bernstein‘s intimate story avoids the usual trappings of mental illness and addiction documentaries by looking at the whole picture of a family over a six year period. Homemade was originally developed from the idea that the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) goes off twice; once in the field, affecting each individual differently depending on a variety of factors including proximity to the blast, physical position and past injuries. There is a second blast that goes off in each family living room as a result of the actual explosion.

Never turning away when things get difficult, Homemade takes a raw look at the dark and dramatic underbelly of ordinary American life and questions how we define success and demand stability in an unstable world.


Mon., Nov. 11: 7:00pm

The Facets Cinémathèque is located at 1517 W. Fullerton Ave. in Chicago. Free street parking is available in front of the building. Tickets are $10.00 for general admissions.


Homemade Trailer from Clear Films Productions on Vimeo.

Here’s the link for the trailer  https://vimeo.com/269923319#at=3