Eat Well Cooking Club for Better Health | October Series | Cancer – They All Matter

Eat Well Cooking Club For Better Health

Cancer | They All Matter Foods that Fight for You – Session #2

Thursdays | October 21 & 28 | 7 pm – 8 pm

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This Week’s Guest Speaker:

Dr. Nita Lee, Gynecology Oncologist and Assistant Director for Community Outreach and Engagement at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center. Learn the lastest Cancer Statistics & Disparities in Chicago. Are you at risk?

Why Focus on Foods for Prevention & Survivorship?

Dr. Raymond Venter of RoyalVibe Health focuses on treating the reasons for cancer and not just the cancer itself. Strengthening the immune to do the job it was designed for to keep you healthy.

Poor nutrition habits and lifestyle are link to approximately 87% of some cancers says Dr. Kristi Funk, author of Breasts | The Owner’s Manual.

And Melissa Bailey, R.D., a clinical nutrition manager at Kate Farms says that nutrition is a top priorty, when you are starting treatment. It is best to have a pre-treatment nutrition plan in place, ideally one that’s designed especially for you with a registerd dietician and your oncologist.

Dale Cain, PNS, professional nutrition specialist and a cancer survivor/overcomer agrees with other health professionals that it is very important to have a nutrition plan in place before treatment for healthy cells regeneration, during treatment to stay strong, after treatment for speedy recovery and beyond treatment for increase longevity.

Think, eat and be the best healthiest you at every stage of cancer:
pre-treatment, during treatment, after treatment and beyond treatment. Learn more at the Eat Well Cooking Club for Better Health.

We are more than sharing recipies and cooking demonstrations, we are a healthy lifestyle community.

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Join a Growing Health Conscious Community of Friends, Family, Neighbors and Colleagues Exploring Strategies to Sustain, Restore & Optimize Health through Lifestyle Nutrition
Dale Cain, Project Director & Moderator
Professional Nutritionist Specialist and Plant-based Nutrition Cooking Coach

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Eat Well Cooking Club for Better Health
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