Message from National Women Veterans United


The National Women Veterans United (NWVU) is aware of the difficult times that military women veterans, service members, and other citizens are experiencing due to COVID-19. NWVU is appealing to military women veterans to contact us and we will go as far as we can to assist you. We have also asked partners to stand with us until grants and other financial avenues are in place, and even then that may not be enough. Read more [...]

Road Home program Telehealth services


The Road Home Program at Rush provides comprehensive, evidence-based treatment in a safe and supportive environment. Rush understands that it takes courage to seek treatment and we are committed to helping you through this difficult time. Rush takes the time to learn your unique situation and tailor their care to best serve your individual needs. Read more [...]

Women’s History Month

The contributions women have made throughout the years is apparent in all walks of life, and the Air Force is no exception. With the observation of Women's History Month in March, visitors to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force can view exhibits that pay tribute to the accomplishments and achievements of women who served in the Air Force. Original source: Read more [...]

Soldier lifts her way to record-setting achievements

Citizen-Soldier 1st Lt. Juanita "Christie" Goodrich wins the best female lifter for the second time in three years while competing in the 2019 Idaho State Weightlifting Championships in October. She serves part-time in the Idaho Army National Guard as a maintenance platoon leader for the 1st of the 183rd Aviation Assault Battalion and fulltime as the battalion's administrative assistant. Read more [...]