Climbing Higher Women’s Conference 2018

Through inspiring speakers like Sylvia Duncan of the Duncan Approach, Angela Martin formerly of Am1390 and The Overflow Coach, Monique Carradine-Kitchens, you will be inspired to come out of what was and Break chains and overcome obstacles that have held you back. There will also be on the spot life coaching from a panel of gifted life coaches, who will encourage you to come into what can be and create the life you desire. You will also be inspired by the victories of others. Read more [...]

Attend the NWVU Awards Gala and/or Conference


Awards Gala | Purchase Award Gala Tickets online only $65 per guest. | Click for Details Here Women Veterans Luncheon Conference - Register here (also attend the Awards Gala for $55 per guest. *$10 Discount for attending the Conference) | Click for Details Here Place an AD for the NWVU 10th Anniversary Souvenir Book | Click for Details Here Read more [...]