NWVU is lead in Veterans Connecting Veterans, for housing with the 102 Washington LLC, in downtown Waukegan. Contact us at (312) 458-9130


NWVU provides women veterans with information and assistance with VA claim filing and makes referrals to county, state and federal resources.

NWVU is especially effective for women that may need to first bond with other women, due to the nature of serious and sensitive issues or to find out what to expect when they go to the benefits office or health care facility. The majority of referrals are direct contacts for services.


NWVU membership includes professionals that have worked as accredited Veteran Service Officers (VSO) or are currently employed in that capacity.

Many of the women have already gone through the process of accessing their VA benefits and they share information on the process that takes place.


All individual case management assistance is strictly confidential and free.
Veterans Service Officers (VSO) are accredited through the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) and the African American Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Association.

Honoring the sacrifices and contributions of women that have stood in defense of this nation.

WE will not write ourselves out of military history!