“Homemade” screening on Nov 11th

A special upcoming event at Facets Cinematheque that you may be of interest to the Veteran community in Chicago. “Homemade” is going to be screened on Nov 11th. There will also be a panel discussion after the show featuring Adam Sorensen, the subject of the film, director Jason Maris and Nick Etten, former Navy Seal, Government advisor for Acreage Holdings, and founder Cannabis for vets. Read more [...]

Meet June Fremont, Marine and ‘True American’

Meet June Fremont, Marine and 'True American'. As one of the pioneering women to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, June Fremont chatted with Eleanor Roosevelt, met Harry Truman and marched with other servicewomen behind the casket during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s funeral procession. Read more [...]