Happy 382nd birthday to the US National Guard


The official birth date of the Army National Guard as a reserve component of the Army is December 13, 1636. On this date, the Massachusetts colonial legislature directed that the colony’s existing militia companies be organized into three regiments. This date is recognized based upon the Department of Defense’s practice of adopting the dates of initial authorizing legislation for organized units as the birthdates of the active and reserve components of the armed services. Happy 382nd birthday Read more [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from NWVU

We are thankful for the men and women who stand in defense of this nation as first responders to protect our national security and freedoms. We do not take your dedication for granted. Your unwavering and solid commitment to serve in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire and other professions are to be commended! We support our comrades and thank you for the time you are away from your own families to serve. We remember your sacrifices each and every day and we pray for your safety. Thank you Read more [...]